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What are the basic characteristics of rubber products?

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The rubber molding, after pressing, the elastic body is within the cohesion can not be eliminated, the molding die, often have a very unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage due to rubber vary), required after a period of time, and can be stable. Therefore, when the design of rubber products at the beginning, regardless of formula or mold, need to be careful with the calculation, if not, it is easy to produce product size instability, resulting in low quality products.
The rubber elastic body is a thermosetting plastic hot melt, belongs to the hot cold setting. Because of the different types of sulfide, the curing temperature range of rubber is quite different, and even can be affected by climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted at any time, if not, it may produce product quality differences.
3 rubber products are made of rubber raw materials to make the mixture of rubber mixture as raw materials, according to the requirements of the rubber products in the design of the formula, and set the required hardness. The product is made of rubber plate vulcanizing machine. Finally, the product is processed by the fly edge, and the surface of the product is smooth and without burr.
4 rubber products aging test belongs to the micro spectral analysis of aging test category, rubber aging refers to rubber and products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to the comprehensive effect of internal and external factors caused by the performance of the structure change, then the loss of use value phenomenon. The performance of the crack, sticky, hardening, softening, powdering, discoloration, mildew, etc..


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