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What is rubber products

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Broadly speaking, it includes rubber and plastic products
In a narrow sense, it refers to the use of rubber and plastic products (that is, in order to obtain a certain performance of the use of rubber, plastic blend and use, to achieve better performance is the use of......)
A variety of rubber and plastic products, according to the working state can be divided into static sealing products and dynamic sealing products. O - shaped ring is widely used in the static and reciprocating movement of mechanical seals. Oil seal is widely used in the shaft seal. O ring and oil seal, accounting for more than half of the total number of sealing products. The rubber seal work through the rubber and seal contact, such as oil in a small area of the lip and shaft surface contact with certain pressure and realize no leakage in fluid lubrication, O ring is given to the rubber ring seal section compression force, so the requirements of rubber elasticity high oil resistance and good aging resistance.
In recent years, the development of the dynamic seal in the rotary seal oil seal, the lip of the pattern with a return to the role of the work can be leaked out of the oil back to the seal cavity. In the field of reciprocating seal rubber and plastic composite seal is being developed, that is, rubber for the compression of elastic seals, plastic wear resistant support, in order to achieve good sealing performance and low friction. In order to study the role of seals and improve the quality of sealing products, more and more attention to the simulation test, the development of a variety of simulation test bench. In the production process, the development of high temperature, multi mode cavity, non rubber molding and vulcanization pressure injection vulcanization, the future will be the development of automation and specialization of large-scale production.


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